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Lighthouse 22" Hybrid Upright Bag

Item # 396324-AG2

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Lighthouse 22" Hybrid Upright Bag

Item # 396324-AG2

$274.00 NOW $169.99


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Superior protection.

These are backed with tough yet surprisingly lightweight polycarbonate. Adding that shell lets us minimize internal framing and weight — which helps you stay under airline weight limits that trigger extra charges. The bags have four wheels that spin 360° for perfect maneuverability. In fact, while waiting in lines, you'll be able to move the bags ahead with one finger. 21"H x14"Wx9"D. Imported.


  • Tough and lightweight
  • 100% polyester 1680D ballistic weave
  • Impact-resistant polycarbonate back
  • Four spinner wheels
  • Roomy interior, yet sized to carry on
  • 21"H x14"Wx9"D (expands to 11"D). Weighs 9 lbs., 3 ozs.

More Information

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Lighthouse 22" Hybrid Upright Bag 2.8 5 17 17
Older version much better Please bring back the previous design and style of suitcase! We bought three of the older style and we loved them. These are not nearly as well made and the four wheels are not preferred. July 26, 2014
strong fabric,zipper already faulty i just received this carry on, and was disappointed. the fabric is strong, and the size is great,but the zipper already gets struck, so it's hard to open. considering the good fabric,and strong shell, it was a major mistake to save on the zippers. July 20, 2014
Lands End folks...listen up! Please, please listen to your customers. I realize all companies are looking for ways to cut cost from products to remain competitive but this "improved" version is anything but. I've read other reviews and heard how folks like their 5 year old version. Well...I love my 18 year old, 2 million mile travelled, 22" LE luggage. My wife has bought me other luggage and I NEVER use it! I now have to replace my beloved travel partner (luggage..not wife!) as the wheel bearings are shot and not a single zipper tab exists and my paper clip solution is a bit tacky. Corners are worn through and the new versions wheels will create huge issues fitting my bag into overhead compartments. LE...pull your designs from 18 years ago and call it "the classic" and I will buy it again! June 20, 2014
please bring back old version love my old lighthouse (2 wheels) soft side but had a small warranty issue; LE sent one of these and I took it back -- decided that my old lighthouse with the small issue was better than a brand new "hybrid" June 3, 2014
Bring Back the OLD LIGHTHOUSE DESIGN If you say you like this LE Lighthouse Luggage, you would have LOVED the old style. LE, listen to your longtime customers and bring back the 2 wheeled , Bright Colored, great sizes, easy to pack, OLD LIGHTHOUSE. I don't know why you think you need to change the design. My older Lighthouse has been through the paces of travel. The Bright Pink color can be easily identified on airport carousels. Lands' End usually doesn't disappoint but in this case, you made a big error. I wanted to purchase new luggage for my husband, but he said he'll stick with the Bright Pink old version when he travels. Customers who have the old luggage contact LE asking them to bring back the old. February 1, 2014
Please bring back the old Lighthouse I love my lighthouse luggage. Please bring back the soft sides 2 wheel versions of old. June 30, 2013
Prefer previous design I was encouraged to post a review after talking with a customer service representative. I went online today intending to purchase a new Lighthouse 22" wheeled bag. I've been very pleased with the red 22" wheeled LE bag I've had for the past several years and had already replaced it once early on; other than a zipper tab breaking, it's been problem-free. What I especially like about the bag I have is that it is the lightest--at slightly over 6 #--of all my luggage, and I have several sets from various manufacturers, some much "higher end" than LE. What I'd hoped to find today was an equally light bag, ideally with expansion capability--the only thing missing from the one I have. I was dismayed to see the current Lighthouse bag weighs in at 9# (according to the information)--which would make it the heaviest of all my lugggage, even heavier than my largest bag--and has been changed to a clamshell design, which I do not like. I'd considered changing to a 4-wheel design for ease of maneuvering in airplane aisles (though I may rethink that now, based on comments of another reviewer here), so that change wasn't a major issue for me. So now I have to begin searching all over again, and whatever I buy won't match what I have. This is a major disappointment. While it may not be an issue for a short trip or a car trip, I wouldn't even consider a 9-lb. bag for extended travel or international travel. April 11, 2013
ugh. I know that times change, tastes change, and I usually discount the reviews that say things "used to be better:" - I usually prefer the newer, updated products. Not this time. I hate the 4 small wheels They stick out, which means the suitcase body has to be smaller to still fit the size requirements for carry on...and while that requirement tends to be lax in the US, it is usually stringent in Europe where I've seen people have to pay to check bags because the wheels kept the bag from fitting. When the wheels stick out, I've also had them get caught on conveyor belts and rub so that one or two wheels become misshapen and the suitcase can no longer be pulled along. Running to make a connection? Tipping the suitcase on the 2 big wheels gave enough stability that I could really hurry to the next gate..keeping it upright on 4 wheels is fine for moving slowly, but not when you are hurrying. Not to mention how much easier it is to pull across a rough parking lot and up and down curbs with 2 big wheels. I paid a premium for Lands End luggage relative to what I could get elsewhere cause I loved the wheels. Glad I got a suitcase last year; sorry I can't complete the set.. Well, I have a saved search on eBay, so I may eventually find the piece I want. I also don't like the clamshell. Don't like having to fully open suitcase to get things, and how small things tend to fall out when closing a clam shell, especially when I am only in a given place for a single day...On a recent trip, I was in a different hotel each night for a week., Couldn't you have some of each style? A set with 4 wheels; a sest with 2 wheels? For now, no more Lands end luggage for me. August 11, 2012
I'm buying more. Such a useful suitcase. I have a lovely set of expensive matched luggage that is nowhere near as useful as this. I'm buying more in different colors because my kids keep taking it to use themselves. It's lightweight so even when it's filled I can lift it overhead in a plane. I had it monogrammed with our family name so I can always spot it - that monogramming feature is useful. I love those rolling wheels (took me a little while to learn not to send it spinning off...) so that you don't have to tip the suitcase to move it. What I've found recently on several trips is that this is all I need because it holds so much, which has not been true of other 22 inch suitcases I own. I've had it for six months and used it many times. I'm not sure why I need to give a "fit" - this isn't clothing. But a lot of clothing fits in it! October 24, 2011
Small, Placement of Zipper is Awkward I have the lighthouse bags that preceded this set, and loved them. Had problems with the zippers breaking, but the bag design was FABULOUS. This one I returned immediately for two main reasons: 1) the zipper is in the middle of the suitcase so that it opens half and half on each side. I use this suitcase as a carry on to pack all the kids' things on plane rides - little toys, games, snacks - and having half the suitcase open everytime I want to get to something on the plane only seems like it would cause things to fall out, not to mention it would be harder to get into. 2) As other reviewers have said, the bag itself is smaller than my older ones because the wheels take up some of the length. What happened to the old durable big wheels on the older design that could be dragged on dirt roads if you had to!?! If you are just packing clothes and constant accessibility is not your goal, I could see how this suitcase might work. But for me, since this was meant for smaller items, I had to send it back. June 16, 2011
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