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Dog Squall Jacket

Item # 417222-AF6

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Dog Squall Jacket

Item # 417222-AF6

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Bring home a drier dog.

After a walk in rain or snow, wouldn't it be nice to dry off just your dog's wet paws? Then get a Dog Squall®! It's an ideal barrier to the elements, made with a water-resistant nylon outer shell for wind, rain and snow protection. Plus it has a full lining of soft, warm, antipilling and antistatic (important for pet hair!) poly fleece. Reflective strap and binding help drivers see your best friend on nighttime walks. Adjustable hook and loop closures for easy on and off. Machine wash. Imported.


  • Weather resistant Squall shaped just for Man's Best Friend
  • Keeps out the wind, rain and snow
  • Fully lined with warm, soft, polyester fleece
  • Trimmed with reflective binding
  • Adjustable hook and loop closures
  • Back slot for harnesses
  • See sizing guide
  • Monogram It! View all monogram thread color options

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Dog Squall Jacket 3.7 5 123 123
LOVE IT! I LOVE this coat for my two dogs! A friend gave this coat to my dogs, even though I was anti-coat. It has been GREAT! It doesn't look like "clothes" (which I like), and the fleece lining keeps my older lab mix, who started getting cold in the winter as she got older, warm! My younger Chesapeake doesn't really need it for warmth, but I put it on her anyway when it's raining or snowing, b/c it's nice not to have wet dogs coming back in the house. I've had the coats on them in downpours and have NEVER had them get wet through in these coats. They stay in place really well, even when running, playing, rolling around in the mud/snow, at the dog park. I've had them for several years now, and they're holding up quite well!! I especially like the reflective trim and reflective strip on the back for walking in the evenings in the winter after work when it gets dark earlier in the day. With a black dog and dark brown dog that are hard to see in the dark, the reflective strips help them (and thus me) to be seen by cars. The coats are very easy to take on/off and adjust, and I haven't had the issue of the Velcro losing its grip as I have had with Velcro closures on horse blankets in the past. Both my dogs like their coats, but my older dog REALLY LOVES hers! She doesn't want it taken off when she comes inside :) The only recommendation I would have would be leg straps, like on a horse blanket, but I haven't had it actually come off, just a little sliding to the side on the back, on my narrower-bodied lab mix. Leg straps, as on a horse blanket would fix this, but some dogs might not like those, and the blankets do stay put really well. January 7, 2014
Well made jacket. Easy on/off This is the first squall jacket I buy for my dog and I wish I had discovered this product earlier. The jacket is well made, does well in the washer, and best of all it is easy to put on and take off. I will surely be buying a second one soon. December 13, 2014
Perfect for the rain I received this dog squall jacket just in time for the Southern California rain today. It worked perfectly to repel the rain. It was raining steadily for my 30 minute walk and my dog came home dry except for his paws and face. I almost did not order this after reading the low reviews. However, most of the "One Boat" reviews are comparing this new one to the older ones they bought years ago. Although the quality might be lacking in comparison, that does not mean this one is not functional. Perhaps there should be two dog squalls, a more expensive heavy duty one for really cold weather and this one which is perfect for the warmer climates. I would not want to have a dog squall heavier than this one. I have a 15 lb Bichon Frise and I followed the measurement guide & it fit well plus stayed on. December 13, 2014
High hopes dashed I have been looking at the pet squall jacket for several seasons and was excited when they were on sale. I measured my dogs and from that information, I ordered 2 small jackets for 2 of my 3 Mini Aussies. From the size chart, they should have provided adequate coverage and fit. However, the jackets did not cover their backs (only about 2/3 of the way) and the Velcro strap was too short to keep the coat secured. My decision to order a small was also based on a previous review that said the small size was generous. I was disappointed at the fit as the jackets were light enough to prevent my dogs from over-heating and still provide protection from the rain. So, I will be returning the jackets and ordering medium sizes. December 10, 2014
Getting ready for the winter. I ordered the blue in a small for my 17 lbs mini poodle and the fit is nice (actually fits better than the fleece version in the same size). It's not quite as warm as I expected, but it is nice and super reflective. It will be great for early winter walks, which is what I needed. (I'm Canadian and my dog already has boots and a heavy winter jacket for the brutal months) December 8, 2014
Not at all what they used to be unfortunately. I live Lands' End. Really do. I purchased this jacket for my two maltese back in 2002 and they were thick, study and warm. I nave felt I needed to layer it and they fit perfectly. They lasted a decade! I now have two new maltese so instead of reusing the old jackets which were still great I got them their own with their own names on it. The jackets arrived and they were so light weight! One small layer of fleece and not at all warm. Also the sizing was way off. the small was huge and i had checked the measurements. Very disappointed in the flimsy jackets. they are cute thought i'll give them that but i have to layer sweaters underneath to make them warm enough.... my little one looks like the kid from a christmas story! LOL Which is cute. Maltese dogs have hair not fur so they feel the cold just like we do. If you think of this jacket more as a topper then ok but as a jacket on it's own for a dog with hair, not fur I can't recommend it. Sorry Lands' End. December 1, 2014
Not the same... Our previous dog had two Lands End Squall Jackets--the first one was outstanding quality--warm and comfortable for him. His second one, was not as good of fit or quality. This one for our latest canine friend is very thin, does not seem as warm and he does not like to wear it. While I realize our new friend may not like clothing, the poor quality of the jacket concerns me. Whats up Lands End?! November 18, 2014
Great Fit! It rains a lot here in Oregon, and I needed a rain coat for my Corgi. I bought numerous coats of all kinds from pet stores and online only to discover that corgis are built with a wide neck and chest, and most dogs are not. Therefore none of the dog coats I bought or looked into would fit her. I LOVE the fact that the neck is adjustable on this coat (and is the ONLY coat I have found with that feature). The coat fits great, keeps her dry and comes in great colors. I would highly recommend it, especially for folks with hard to fit dogs. :o) October 3, 2014
Picky pups love it! My wire-haired fox terriers are picky about "clothes". I only would even consider putting something on them if I felt the weather called for it, and this was perfect. They aren't difficult to put on with the nifty velcro straps and stayed on well for trips to potty outside in snowmagedon. Our elderly dog was much more comfortable outside in snow and rain with this on as well, no more shivering and pain! September 24, 2014
Durable and Comfortable I bought the first of this coat about 2 1/2 years ago for my large dog (she's a total mutt-I have no idea what she actually is) who has a very fine coat. She was always cold, and hated going outside in the winter/rainy months. So this jacket was a welcome purchase! I especially liked the fact that there was an opening on the back for harnesses! Up to that point I was having to get creative with connecting her leash and harness under a coat. She really likes it as well. It isn't constricting but stays in place when playing outside. It is great as a rain coat as well. In fact, she likes it so much that she whines when I take it off of her when we go inside, so I ended up ordering her the fleece jacket to wear inside (also love that as well). My only suggestion/observation is that I wouldn't order this jacket if it is REALLY cold, as there in no cover for the belly. However, if you're buying a coat a dog that genuinely needs added insulation, they probably aren't all that keen on staying outside for long periods of time anyway. I have since ordered two more jackets for our other two dogs who don't necessarily need it, but it keeps rain/snow from finding its way in my house, plus they look like a cute little Lands End posse on walks. The reflective fabric on parts of the coat are helpful as well during night outings. I had them all monogrammed with their names, and even the thread is somewhat reflective (the first one I purchased was, not so much for the other two). They are super-durable and have weathered well. I've read some reviews that had a sizing problem, but I feel that they are true to size. I ordered a large, medium and small for each respective pup and they all fit perfectly. I will probably replace the first one next winter, but you have to admit that getting three years of hard use out of a coat at this price point is great. Great product. Check out the fleece jacket for staying warm inside. April 16, 2014
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