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Canvas Hamper

Item # 420233-AG0

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Canvas Hamper

Item # 420233-AG0


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Storage solution.

Inspired by our famous Canvas Tote and made from all-cotton canvas, this is a handsome, breathable, natural-fiber hamper. The strong canvas is easy to transport and durable enough to hold pounds of clothes and last years. The handles make it easy to move when full. 100% cotton. Spot clean. Imported.


  • 100% cotton canvas
  • Metal frame makes it free standing after simple assembly
  • 15″Wx12″Dx24″H

More Information

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Canvas Hamper 3.5 5 17 17
Love this product!! I bought two of these hampers back in April on clearence. I was skeptical about them from the reviews but these are AWESOME!! I just bought two more on sale plus %% off!! November 28, 2014
Easy Assembly. Too small. Size is too small for our needs. I was looking for one hamper for my husband and I that collects clothes for a week. We would need two of these. It Would be good for a child's room. Easy to assemble. I bought it Oct 2014. Not sure what the other reviewers were complaining about. Perhaps Lands End made some adjustments. Mine came with instructions. Very simple, my complaint is that it's Too small. October 8, 2014
NOT GOOD FOR KIDS The canvas quality is great, however all three of my kids have bend the rods- not even being rough. It is not well designed. And I paid full price. Not a happy customer. January 5, 2014
Not Square, But Fully Functional I bought a couple of the laundry hampers at LE store at discount. I needed staff to help me assemble one of them and they had trouble doing it also. The canvas channels for the rods are not aligned with the corners of the hamper, can't be realigned on the stitched-in metal top and bottom frame and they aren't even the correct distance apart -- design/manufacturing defect. Even so, the hamper is functional and the right size for our needs. December 26, 2013
Not Good for Kids I bought two of these for my kids to use. The canvas is classic Lands End canvas quality. They look really sharp. However, I curse the day I bought these every time I see them. Some of the rods have become bent. One of my kids sat on it when it had been tossed aside after emptying. Another rod bent when my four year old needed to retrieve something out of the hamper. It would be totally possible for an adult to bend the rod digging to the bottom of the hamper if they aren't careful. Also, I dread the day I have to remove the rods to wash the canvas. Totally not well designed. December 16, 2013
Sturdy and attractive...easy to assemble if you read the instructions Honestly, I don't know what the fuss is about when it comes to assemby. There are 4 metal rods that go into 4 holes, one in each corner. Once the rods are inserted all the way, a velcro flap keeps them in place. The instructions say to use a mallet to tap the rods down...clearly other reviewers did not read the instructions because they seem surprised that a mallet or hammer was required. If you follow the instructions and use a mallet to gently tap the rods into place you'll find assembly is quite simple. The hamper itself is sturdy and attractive...I'm back ordering another one because I'm so happy with the first. September 1, 2013
A perfect nightmare to assemble! I would like to have 5 minutes alone with the designer of this product! It is VERY difficult to assemble. The instructions are useless- you look at them and you have NO clue what you are looking at. The tiny holes that you are meant to shove each rod into, are WAY too high up on the unit. (They also don't give you any visual hint, like painting it red or yellow- so you don't know what you're looking for initially) I have an 'okay' finger/hand strength, and like other reviewers, I struggled to get each rod down to the bottom. For the fourth rod, I had to take my kitchen scissors and slice the hole a bit bigger (and lower), as that hole was almost into the top seam. (Most likely a sewing defect) Luckily, I did not damage the hamper in the Lucille Ball-esque wrestling match. Once it's together, it's very nice looking. So, if you have a man around- make HIM do it! August 14, 2013
Difficult to assemble, damaged fabric in process I bought the hamper for a nursery. I am satisfied with the look of the hamper overall. My only complaint is the assembly which requires you to stretch and jam four slim metal rods into the corner seams of the hamper. This was extremely difficult to pull off because the hamper canvas is very stiff. First, we had to cut/tear/stretch the holes where you insert the rods larger and then when we had three of the four in the fourth was impossible to get straight down into the hole. The metal frame at the mouth of the hamper is unforgiving and I would have had to bend the rod to get it in the hole. Eventually, I had to pull/roll the top seam over the metal frame that is sewn into the mouth of the hamper to expose the fourth hole and use a hammer to finally the final rod all the way into place. When all four rods were in I attempted to stretch the top seam back into place using my hands and then eventually a wrench wrapped around a washcloth. The canvas fabric became all ripped up around the corner where I eventually gave up trying to stretch the top back into place. So, its together, and its monogrammed but the back right corner is torn and stretched out of place. I'm bummed its not perfect. July 21, 2013
Full body workout!!!! This is probably one of the worst products I have ever purchased! This is not about the quality of the canvas but the assembly of the hamper! I have been wrestling with this for over a half hour...Followed the suggestion of opening holes with a screwdriver( pencil would never be strong enough). I would have sent this back but after all the effort ...I was determined! Two of the rods are still not completely in the sleeve...have to get a rubber mallet!!! July 21, 2013
No problems with the metal supports Well, i really wanted these for my laundry room so i took a chance and ordered three hoping that a company like Lands End would fix a problem like others had described with the metal supports being too long. I ordered a red, yellow, and blue and all of the supports worked fine. I had a little trouble with one getting stuck in a seam, but I took a skewer and stuck it down in the hole and it went in no problem so I just worked a little harder to get the metal rod in and it went. I LOVE these-- they are the perfect size for a good sized load of laundry without being too heavy when full. AND my kids know what item goes in which one because of the color coding (I didn't monogram so i could move them around and repurpose them easily). HIGHLY recommend! I think i'll get one more... May 3, 2013
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