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Boys' Regular Open Bottom Climber™ Pants

Item # 178340-AD0

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Boys' Regular Open Bottom Climber™ Pants

Item # 178340-AD0


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Tougher than roughhousers!

Climbers™ are the go-to pants of boyhood, designed to handle the abuse your guy throws at them. That doesn't mean they're not comfortable, though. Garment washing means they're preshrunk and soft from the start. Plus, an elastic waist and built-in belt gives them a great fit every time they pull them on — no pinching, no sagging. (Tots sizes have a faux belt.) Open-bottom style. 100% cotton fabric in strong twill or ringspun denim. Machine wash. Imported.


  • Double knees stand up to wear and tear
  • Double-stitched seams defy rough play!
  • Stress points are bartacked for durability
  • Get the Inside Story on our easy-fitting waist
  • Tots 2T, 3T, 4T
  • Little Boy 4, 5, 6, 7
  • Boy even sizes 8-20
  • Please note: indigo color is denim 

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` Fit & Size Information

Boys' Open Bottom Climber? Pants 4.8 5 429 429
Well made, but extra roomy My son likes the comfort and style of these pants. But, if you have a 'regular' size boy, you might need a slim, as I did. They are a little too roomy, otherwise. He is ten, and has worn 10 slim for two years. Now it's time to move up to the 12 slim, especially for length. He does not normally wear a slim. Still they fit him well. You just have to know what size to buy. (The old ones will be handed down to his cousin now.) The only reason I gave 4 Sailboats instead of 5 is the sizing. August 31, 2014
So easy to put on and take off, no zippers or snaps!!!! Thank you for bringing this pant back, It has always been the best fit for my son who is a skinny child with CP. The style makes so much easier for him to independently put on and take off, and is still "stylish" for an older child in a wheelchair!!! August 26, 2014
Year after year after year... After all these years, I figured I should review this product. So easy for our son to slide on; so durable. His only favorites for the last 10 years. Yes, they comes in slim fit for both Little Boys and Big Boys sizes. I always cut off the elastic belt, and it doesn't even look like something is missing. The navy fades a bit after a couple of years of washing, but by that time he is ready for a new size. I just keep an extra pair or two up on the closet shelf that I mark on the inside as "dress pants". They only come down when he needs his brightest, newest look (church, restaurants...) so they don't go through the wash as often, and they stay brighter. I just wish these slacks were available as in-between sizes, e.g. instead of just sizes 4,6,8,10... maybe there could be sizes 4,5,6,7,8,9,10... Judging from the large number of reviews and high praise given to this product, I think Land's End could support the inventory, even if none of the other slacks have these special sizes. Then our son wouldn't look like he was waiting for the flood just before he was tall enough for the next size. (No, he doesn't like wearing pants that are too long and rolling up the bottom into a cuff, and hemming them would leave a crease line.) This is only a minor annoyance, since my boy isn't too fashion-conscious. No other pants I have found come in the in-between sizes either, so these still get 5 stars. If Land's End adds those extra sizes I'll give them 6 stars! August 20, 2014
Way too big on my 5 yr old After all the awesome reviews I was really excited about these pants for my picky 5 yr old who mostly likes sweats & track pants... The fabric was really not very soft (similar to other khakis) and the fit in a size 4 was huge on him even though I ordered 3 other LE pant styles in the same size that fit well. Too long & way too wide. If I pulled the belt tight it was super bunched up around the waist. I dont think (?) there was a slim fit in the little boys sizes. That being said love the concept of the reinforced knees & wish more of the other pants had that... August 17, 2014
The Best Pants Ever! I have bought these for uniform pants for both of my boys for school for several years - one is husky, the other is not. Both fit well. They love the built-in belt as they're required to wear one and how comfortable they are. They always last more than one school year (unless they outgrow them). True double knees are awesome. They are a thick material so can wrinkle/crease but I've found using liquid fabric softener in the wash really helps and I don't have to iron them. August 16, 2014
Magic pants Have spent an extraordinary amount of time trying to find school uniform pants accepted at my grandson's school that are comfortable and fit. He just started kindergarten and we wanted pants that did not involve a lot of buttons and zippers and such. It is enough of a change starting school. He is also slim and getting pants that stay up without a belt was difficult. If you find pants that are small enough in the waist to stay up, they are too short as he needed a 3 waist per most pants size charts but a 5 for the length. I saw these pants online and with fingers crossed, ordered a pair of 5 slims to try. I truthfully figured it would be a matter of disappointment and sending them back. But voila, we found our "magic" pants. Look great, fit perfect, stay up but are comfortable. He can pull them up and down without even unsnapping the buckle on the attached belt. We are thrilled. I will be ordering additional pairs so he has enough for the school year. My only complaint would be that the shorts that are made this way and in slims as well, have cargo pockets and the school will not allow shorts with cargo pockets. So these are uniform compliant, please make these style of shorts without the cargo pockets. I will likely have to buy the pants and cut and hem them so he has shorts for the hotter months. But we are SO happy with our magic pants. Oh and they dried fast. I hand washed his pair and hung them to dry not expecting they would be dry by morning but they were. I was very surprised.Thank you Lands End! August 11, 2014
Please make these in Gray! Great pants for my 11 yr old (who won't wear blue jeans)! Just wish you also had them in GRAY! Gray and Navy our our staples that go with most shirts. So I am only left with Navy and have to do gray sweat pants. August 6, 2014
THE perfect pants for special needs kids. Finding a pair of pants with a stretch waist and no snaps or zippers or hooks or buttons is a Godsend for the parents of children with special needs. That might not have been the big deal 20 years ago that it is now, but currently there are probably 2 out of every hundred children that have issues keeping them from being able to either dress/undress themselves or use the bathroom unless wearing pants like these. I have bought them in every color every year for the last 10 years, and will continue to do so because they are an attractive and well-made item, as well as being reasonably priced. I am astonished that Land's End no longer offers their denim jeans as before. I am not talking about the dark indigo jeans that look like they have been soaked in India ink, and have no contrast stitching or rivets or anything that makes a kid feel like he is dressed like everybody else. The dark indigo pants are hideous, nasty, maybe even dangerous, with the way that dye rubs off and stains other things including furniture. Please, please, please bring back the former lighter, thicker, REAL jeans you used to carry. You had a corner on that market, but now I have to go looking again. It's important to these kids to look and feel like their peers. August 5, 2014
10 year old son. Loves these pants These pants are perfect for a cold Sydney winter. Normally my son wears shorts but this year it is rather cold. These pants are a thick fabric that wears well. He has the pants is green and khaki and wears the Khaki to cubs scouts and says they are good for bush walking. These pants wear well and are tough. July 19, 2014
My grandson has worn these for many years. My now 12 year old grandson is autistic and has challenges with buttons and fasteners but these pants have been perfect for him since he was little. He is no longer little and is in size 20. Could you please make these in larger sizes for bigger kids who need them? I see that others have requested the same thing. Thank you! July 9, 2014
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