At Lands' End, our teams are actively working to enhance sustainable initiatives. Employees have participated in Earth Hour, Earth Day, created a green committee, and implemented a ride share program. Among several other programs, Lands' End has reduced catalog paper waste, decreased cardboard consumption, and reduced power consumption with a variety of solutions. The following are highlights of the green initiatives underway at Lands' End.

Employee Efforts

Green Committee

As part of Lands' End's ongoing commitment to sustainability, a cross-functional group of employees works to ensure all facets of the business are focusing on green endeavors. This group is led by a member of Lands' End's executive leadership team.

Earth Hour

Lands' End participated in its first ever Earth Hour on March 28, 2009. More than 1,500 employees from across the globe took action against global warming by shutting off their lights for one hour.

Guaranteed. Green.

On Earth Day, April 22, 2009, Lands' End launched its Guaranteed. Green. intranet site for employees. The site was created to not only inform employees of company-wide green initiatives and accomplishments, but also to act as an interactive resource for employees to share ideas, tips, and stories. This gives Lands' End employees the ability to live more sustainable lives through professional networking.

Earth Week

Earth Day is observed nationwide on April 22, but Lands' End decided to raise environmental awareness all week long through a number of activities. Activities throughout the week included an Environmental Wellness Fair, featuring green vendors; a company-wide Earth Trek walk/run; and of course, the launch of the new Guaranteed. Green. intranet site.

"Make a Difference" Employee Contest

Through Lands' End's "Make a Difference" contest, employees from across the company, including Lands' Ends international locations, were chosen to participate in a volunteer event on Earth Day, April 22. At each Lands' End location, selected employees provided assistance to an environmental cause within the community.

Ride Share Program

Lands' End has a ride share program to match employees interested in carpooling. This program helps to decrease individual employee travel, fuel use, and associated pollution.

Conservation Initiatives

Building Biking Initiative

Lands' End is proud to offer its employees bikes to travel between the buildings on the Dodgeville campus. This bike program encourages Lands' End employees not to use cars, thereby reducing gasoline consumption and related pollution.

Guaranteed. Green. Garden

Lands' End launched a community gardens at each of its Wisconsin campuses. Plots of various sizes are available for employees and their families. Individuals and departments are growing vegetables and flowers for personal use and to donate.

Catalog Paper Consumption

Lands' End has implemented a multi-year initiative to reduce paper consumption by sending smaller catalogs to better-defined customer segments based on those customers' preferences.

  • Since 2004 through 2008, Lands' End reduced its overall US catalog paper consumption by more than 50%. Lands' End is constantly improving its technology to achieve even greater gains in this area.
  • Lands' End offers customers the option to select the number of catalogs they receive each year (once a year, quarterly or bi-monthly).

Certified Fiber

Lands' End's preference is to work with suppliers that practice sustainable forestry. The company continues to work within the supply chain to promote certification of forests and the use of chain of custody certification to track the certified fiber.

Paper with Post-Consumer Content

Lands' End catalog cover paper contains at least 10 percent post-consumer recycled content. Additionally, the company has used 30 percent post consumer waste copy paper at our corporate office for the past ten years.


Lands' End is improving how we ship products to customers. Between 2003 and 2008, Lands' End has reduced the amount of corrugated cardboard packaging we use by 25 percent year over year. Additionally, the corrugated cardboard we do use contains 45 percent recycled fiber.


Power Management

Lands' End implemented network software that shuts down idle workstation computers at night and on weekends. Also, the facilities team unplugged unused appliances. "Save Energy" signs hang in all campus conference rooms to encourage employees to turn off the lights when leaving a room. At Lands' End Inlets, the store teams have worked to remove large light box graphics, which eliminated fluorescent lights, added LED lighting and sign timers. We have also replaced thermostats in many stores with programmable thermostats.

Printer Default Settings

Lands' End has changed default settings for printers to turn off cover sheets and to duplex (print multiple pages on both sides of paper) automatically. This eliminates the needless waste of large amounts of paper used in the office.

Waste Management and Recycling

Lands' End has a broad range of recycling and waste management initiatives at our corporate office to address disposal of paper products, aluminum cans, glass and plastic, as well as printing operations, maintenance operations, disposal of non-recyclables and water management. Lands' End consistently monitors our efforts in each of these areas and constantly looks for improvements.

  • In 2008, Lands' End recycled 193 tons of paper and 3,951 tons of corrugated cardboard.
  • Lands' End implemented water saving measures at our corporate headquarters by installing motion sensor faucets.
  • Approximately 3.5 tons of unusable electronic equipment was refurbished or recycled.
  • Additionally, Lands' End has used 30 percent post consumer waste copy paper at our corporate office for the past ten years.

Purchasing Recycled Products

At the Lands' End office, purchasing recycled products is a significant component of the larger recycling picture. Lands' End continues to maintain an assertive program to buy non-catalog paper products made from recycled materials. Other materials purchased with recycled content include: re-charged laser printer cartridges, file folders, paper towels, toilet paper, trash cans, pencils, letter holder trays, and brown manila envelopes.

Green Technology

Green Email Order Confirmation

This spring, Lands' End launched an improved email order confirmation for standard orders. It is 25% shorter than the previous version, allowing up to three items purchased to print on a single page.

Green Aisles

Lands' End has successfully created "green aisles" at our Dodgeville, Stevens Point and Reedsburg customer service centers. Green aisles feature workstations that are totally paperless – no paper catalogs, flyers, calendars, or notes posted on cubby walls are used.