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Guaranteed. Period.®

We want nothing less than your absolute satisfaction

The Lands' End guarantee has always been an unconditional one. It reads: "If you're not satisfied with any item, simply return it to us at any time for an exchange or refund of its purchase price." We mean every word of it. Whatever. Whenever. Always. But to make sure this is perfectly clear, we've decided to simplify it further: Guaranteed. Period.®

It's more than a return policy. It's a promise we've kept for over 50 years now, to stand behind every product we make and every service we deliver.

Wise Words

"Sell only what you believe in." Our founder's words—and his passion for quality goods and putting people first—lives on. In fact, he's part of everything we do.

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100% Easy

We work hard to make every product we offer and every order we take perfect. But just in case, we've also made returning Lands' End purchases simple.

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Behind the Label

The 21-year-old return:
We love this one. In 1984, the wife of an avid car collector purchased a $19,000 vintage taxi featured on our holiday catalog cover. In 2005, they returned it. For a full refund.

A half century of doing our very best makes for a lot of good stories.

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