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Gary Comer wasn’t a fashion plate. He was a sailor. An independent thinker. But his appreciation for what’s hardworking‚ handsome and well-made turned his modest yachting supply company into one of the world’s most recognizable fashion brands. And his downright passion for treating people right turned generations of Lands’ End customers into true friends and family.

Gary used to tell us‚ “Take care of the customer‚ take care of the employee‚ and the rest will take care of itself.” That guiding principle continues to heighten our standards and deepen our customer relationships to this day — proving that Gary Comer’s legacy will always live on at Lands’ End. Guaranteed. Period.®

Here’s how it happened

Fifty years ago‚ Gary Comer set out to start a small yachting supply company. He ended up building an international apparel brand synonymous with timeless American style.

Our founder‚ Gary

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It’s hard to believe‚ but only two or three of the 84 pages that filled our very first catalog featured clothing. Find out how Lands’ End made the switch from sailing to style.

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Worth Repeating

“Three generations in my family have enjoyed Lands’ End quality.”

A half-century of doing our very best makes for a lot of good stories.

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